Politics of Jesus on The Factor

Here is an interesting conversation in the news and opinion media about the politics of Jesus. On Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor, no less!
Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott got it started on Hardball with Chris Matthews. He scolds Christians for celebrating Jesus’ birth while opposing an extension of unemployment insurance benefits for another year.

His point begs the technical question of whether or not continually extending unemployment insurance benefits helps or hurts the unemployed in the long run. The Wall Street Journal argues that it increases the time that people spend in unemployment.

Bill O’Reilly responds in his column, “Keep Christ in Unemployment.”

Stephen Colbert pops a cork when he reads O’Reilly’s closing comment “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” 
Here is O’Reilly’s response on The Factor.

It’s good to see people discussing in public what Christ means for political life.

— D.C. Innes is associate professor of politics at The King’s College in New York City.


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