The Christian in the City of Man

David T. Koyzis (Ph.D. University of Notre Dame), an EPSA member, is professor of political science at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario.  He is the author of Political Visions and Illusions (InterVarsity Press, 2003). This article originally appeared in Comment, the opinion journal of Cardus.

City of Man: Religion and Politics in a New Era
by Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner (Moody, 2010)

Addressing primarily American Christians, the authors, who served in George W. Bush’s administration, argue that evangelicals ought to participate in the political life of their country, not just as citizens but as believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout this book, Gerson and Wehner take issue with the religious right, which they believe has pursued a skewed agenda insufficiently attentive to the needs of the poor and which they believe has been needlessly confrontational when greater civility would have borne more fruit. As an alternative, the authors urge a more thoughtful approach, taking seriously the need for government to pursue order, justice, virtue, and prosperity. It is worth noting that this book was published by Chicago’s Moody Publishers, which until now has not generally been known for producing books on religion and politics.


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